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TECH WEEK (2019)

In this feature length movie musical, Peter, a volunteer at a musical theater company, becomes embroiled in the magical world of musical theater during a production's tech week.

Runtime: 97 mins 

Starring: Euan Cousar, Jessica Wax, Jacob Morilak, Ashley Reed, Bennie Mortensen, Taylor DeGuzman, Amanda Clopine, Kennedy Reed & Eliza Wenger 

Written & Directed by: Caden H. Hollander

Produced by: Euan Cousar, Sasha Greenhall, Caden H. Hollander, Emma Hollander & Blake Parker

Director of Photography: Blake Parker

Assistant Director: Emma Hollander

Edited by: Caden H. Hollander

Sound: Alison Viana

Music Composed by: Steven B. Knights, Blake Parker

Music Lyricists: Caden H. Hollander, Ashley Reed, Kennedy Reed, Angelo Santorelli & Tyler Texeira


TECH WEEK is an incredibly personal project for me, as it is in large part taken from my own life experiences. I moved to San Diego in 2014, knowing barely anyone and feeling lost, not fitting in with my surroundings. When I coincidentally received a flyer for a community theater production, I decided to audition, not knowing that this decision would change my life. The people that I met through that play, and all of the productions I performed in the years that followed, are still close friends today, and many can be seen in the movie.

I began writing the film in my sophomore year of high school, because as my schedule got busier and I took on more activities and harder classes, I realized I no longer had time to devote to community theater. Writing the script for Tech Week was a coping mechanism for me, and a way to reflect on the incredible people I'd met throughout my time in theater. It took that whole year to write the script, and the music with my incredible collaborators Tyler Texeira, Angelo Santorelli, Ashley Reed and Kennedy Reed.


We shot TECH WEEK the summer after my junior year of high school, filming at the Howard Brubeck Theatre in San Diego, California. We had a 10 day shoot and an overall budget of $10,000 USD, all of which I self-funded through my job working at a tennis club. 

After a year of post-production, we excitedly premiered the film at the Angelika Film Center Carmel Mountain in June 2019. Our whole team was humbled by the positive response to the film, especially the messages we've received from kids that tell us that this film inspired them to enroll in youth theater programs.

I hope that you enjoy the film, which is available to watch at this link and remember, the curtain never closes.




If you are interested in listening to the original songs fromTech Week, make sure to head to Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes and check them out! 

The incredible music from the movie includes lyrics by Tyler Texeira, Angelo Santorelli, Ashley Reed, Kennedy Reed and Caden H. Hollander, as well as vocals from the entire Tech Week cast!


In this excerpt from the movie, the ensemble cast performs the title number of the film, "Tech Week," which follows Peter (Euan Cousar) as he enters into the crazy world of musical theater for the first time and is blown away by what he sees. This one-shot musical sequence is one of the opening scenes of the film, and took a full day to shoot. 


In this clip from the film, Peter, Lisa and Megan (Euan Cousar, Kennedy Reed and Taylor DeGuzman) sing in an arcade about all of the love they feel around them, as a few of their friends start to develop feelings for each other. This is one of my favorite scenes of the movie, and was so much fun to film at the Nickel City arcade in Miramar, California! 



This 45 minute Behind the Scenes found footage documentary ​shows how we managed to film some of the more challenging sequences of the movie, and also some fun moments from the set! If you are interested in learning more about the production of Tech Week, this is just the video for you!

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.58.51 PM.png


Student Filmmaker Award - Filmocracy Fest 

Best Ensemble Cast nominee - San Diego Film Awards

Official Selection - San Diego Film Week

Official Selection - First-Time Filmmaker Sessions

Honorable Mention - Hollywood New Directors


The final Master Script of TECH WEEK is available to read!! Click on the pdf icon on the right of the page if you are interested in seeing the film's final screenplay!

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