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THE REUnION (2023)


It's been three years since the popular teen sitcom, ARLINGTON HIGH, wrapped its final season, and the show's four teen stars haven't seen each other since. Until tonight. 

Runtime: 25 mins 

Starring: Euan Cousar, Taylor DeGuzman, Jacob Morilak & Ashley Reed

Written & Directed by: Caden H. Hollander

Produced by: Caden H. Hollander, Claire Wong

Associate Produced by: Jovanna Vega

Director of Photography: Blake Parker

Original Score by: Blake Parker

Production Designer: Claire Wong

Edited by: Caden H. Hollander

Assistant Director: Jovanna Vega

Production Sound: Sasha Greenhall

Sound Designer: Caden H. Hollander

1st Assistant Camera: Katie Leung

Gaffer: Alexandra Miller

Makeup: Tiffany Buu

Graphic Designer: Claire Wong

pw: reunion


I started writing "The Reunion" in the summer of 2021, when I was having a lot of my own reunions, getting post-vaccine lunches and coffees with friends I hadn't talked to in years. This really forced me to reflect a lot on friendship ... why we're drawn to certain people, why we always come back to specific people and why sometimes we don't. My goal with this script and film was to explore those ideas, and I soon realized that the "Disney Channel-esque child star" frame could provide a fun way to discuss these themes.

This was a really special film to make as well, as there was a quasi-meta aspect to the story we were filming. All of the actors and most of the crew were people that I'd made movies with back in high school, and hadn't worked with (or seen) since. In many ways, much like the characters in this story, that creatively collaborated years ago and are forced to confront how they've all changed as people, we had an incredibly similar experience behind the scenes. This was such a touching aspect of this experience, and made it undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


I hope you enjoy the film as much as we did making it :)

_Screen Shot 2023-06-18 at 2.44.26 PM.png


If you're interested in listening to the "Arlington High Theme Song," written and performed by Taylor DeGuzman as an original track for the film, make sure to check it out on Spotify!


Official Selection - San Diego Movie Awards

Official Selection - San Diego Independent Filmmaker's Festival

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The Shooting Draft of THE REUNION is available to read!! Click on the pdf icon on the right of the page if you are interested in reading the film's screenplay!

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