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SPEAK TO ME (2022)

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 9.04_edited.jpg

When her estranged mother deteriorates to dementia, Aisha must reluctantly care for her while searching for closure with their damaged past - one that only she now remembers. Currently submitting to festivals.


Runtime: 15 mins

Starring: Anya Banerjee & Vee Kumari

Written & Directed by: Anmol Bajpai

Produced by: Lana Nguyen

Associate Produced by: Caden Hollander, Dylan Locke

Director of Photography: Daphne Daniels

Production Designers: Jade Crenian, Adeline Wang

Edited by: Anmol Bajpai

Sound Designed by: Alexis Tran

Original Score by: Darren Huang

Assistant Director: Caden Hollander

Script Supervisor: Yuwan Ye

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