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MIMIC (2022)

Mimic Poster-3.jpg

Cecilia, a young actress, becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming as successful as her sister.

Runtime: 6 mins

Starring: Chloe Dinh, Trish Le, Barron Leung & Susan Han

Written & Directed by: Kiara Simmons

Produced by: Caden Hollander

Director of Photography: Alexandra Miller

Edited by: Alexandra Miller

Sound: Caden Hollander

Original Music by: Dorian Speiss

Production Designer: Jade Crenian

Storyboard Artist: Mallory Reaper

*This project was filmed for CTPR 310 at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, and was shot in compliance with all of USC’s Covid-19 filming protocols*

link pw: 310


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