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In a grief-stricken Japan that is unable to cope, one man takes it upon himself to help it heal. The story is based on true events and follows him and three other people as they deal with loss.

Runtime: 6 mins

Starring: Hitoshi Masaki, Anthony Lien, Megumi Anjo & Milo Borghello

Written & Directed by: Daphne Daniels

Produced by: Lana Nguyen

Director of Photography: Cameron Kostopoulos

Edited by: Cameron Kostopoulos

Sound: Lana Nguyen

Composed by: Aaron Shaw

Assistant Director: Caden Hollander

Production Designer: Sarah Grant

Script Supervisor: Georgia Conrad

Language Consultant: Ike Tamanaha

Illustrator: Renzel Navarro

Vimeo pw: otsuchi

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